About Us

Gimbal Engineering ™ takes great pride in manufacturing from start to finish to ensure the customer that we have complete control over our internal processes. Proudly manufactured in the INDIA, GIMBAL’s business model is firmly established between three distinct product line that can be sold individually or full integrated as a complete packaging solution. Gimbal Engineering ™ is nonexistent without the extraordinary group of employees that have called GIMBAL home for many years. GIMBAL owned and operated since 2014, a vast majority of GIMBAL employees were originally hired as family members, friends, past coworkers or based upon referrals from existing employees. The work environment at Gimbal Engineering ™ is truly unique. Please feel free to reach out to any individual listed below as they are sure to make your experience with Gimbal Engineering ™ a positive one.


  • Well Organized Design

  • Energy Efficient

  • 500+ Installations

  • Best Service

  • Full support after delivery

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